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Upcycling genius

A place where Talented New Zealand Based designers share Up-Cycling Inspiration and some of their works with you.

"I feel engaged with unwanted things from anywhere and anything. It’s like a gift on the side of the road.

I think "chuck outs" can be re-entwined into a brand new platted, knotted, wired up, mish-mash kiwi. 

They are absolutely "chocker block".

I can choose anything I blinking want, which is fantastic. It’s a personal invention, no strict rules or other directions asking me to follow correctly. Actually my mind literally buzzes thinking about what’s next..

I am inspired by the smiles I get, heaps of questions when people first see them and kiddies giggle. Kiwiz are all around the world which feels great."

"When thinking out of the box, one finds rich resources ironically about to be dumped."






"Up cycling inspiration? What is it? Where does it come from?

Well I can't speak for everybody but in my case it usually starts as a glimmer of an idea, more a feeling really set off by the shape or colour of a found object.

From there the work begins to bring that feeling to life. Yes, it takes time. There is no quick fix here because the proportions have to be right, the quality must be there - this is to be an object to be used and to last after all.

But in the end it is all worth it, because that feeling of looking at something that you know deep down is "just right", that feeling is irreplaceable."


After noticing large amounts of fine NZ woods such as Kauri, Rimu and Matai, being tossed into landfill or turned into firewood, I decided to make upcycled products from this wood that could use even the smallest pieces. A lot of the wood comes from the demolition of state housing so I feel it is right to donate portions to the Auckland City Mission. There are a limited amount of resources on this beautiful spinning rock and the only way I see forward is sustainable action by everyone spinning on it. Upcycling is a great step towards a positive future and it feels good to be apart of it!




Our mission is to turn recycled single use plastic bags into something long lasting and hard wearing and give it a longer life, whilst being viable alternatives to the very product they are made from. We aim to encourage people to stop using disposable plastics and educate our young people to encourage their families to make better choices.  After all they will take over as caretakers of our planet in trust for their children.  

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