December 2017

TEDx talk Auckland featuring Chris Pemberton

Video coming soon, click image to link to my TED profile


Sydney November 2017 

Hosted and curated by Chris Pemebrton

A collaboaration with 80+ Artists and their Families


Auckland June 2017 

Hosted and curated by Chris Pemebrton

A collaboration with 40+ artists and their Families


Humans of KRoad 

Street photography blog Founded in 2013 by Chris Pemberton with over 20,0000+ followers


Art in the Hills Sydney winter 2017


Chris Pemberton Photography Display Q theatre foyer

Summer 2014 - Summer 2015

Over 10 Blown up Street photography style Portraits and their stories showcased theatres Main foyer and  in restruant area


Up Cyled Designs

Chris Pemberton's Art-Meets-Electrical exhibition in the loft at Q Theatre Summer 2014


Humans For the Future

Street photography blog Founded in 2014 by Chris Pemberton with over 10,0000+ followers

Positivity based and sustainability geared. Humans from all walks of life are asked to share ideas for a sustainable future & give inspiration and advice.


Auckland city council Commisioned Chris Pemberton's upcycled Functional art display in Aotea Square. 

 in collaboartaion with Zammia Wetheral and the pallet kingdom. two upcycled tables With solar panels, LED lights USB charging ports for the publics enjoyment in Auckland Cities Main square


A judo Black belt and qualified electrician, Chris Pemberton appreciates that hard work and determination is required to pull off projects and has been doing so ever since he realised you are not living unless you are creating. Using his skills as a tradie, his niche is art meets electrical. his favourite type of art is creations from upcycled construction or other waste.Recently Moving to Sydney to get amongst its strong creative scene, Chris has a Studio in St Peters called the 'Creative club' And regularly opens its doors to the public and friends, Passing on his practical knowledge in various techniques to help existing artists and also encourage new people into the scene. he believes in collaboaration and synergy to produce epic results.


December 2017 Auckland

Aotea centre main foyer. 'Where do your best ideas come from' a creative mirror exhibition by Chris Pemberton