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"Ready. Steady. Go!"

"Hey you took my photo the other day for your other page!" "True! Haha I didn't recognize you with the Beanie bro. Good on ya, you had the best yarn for that and the photo was mint! Anyway..This photo has come out mint as well..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

"We are filming a short film called ‘Get' where prostitutes kill each other consecutively, chased with massive dildos and die in grotesque ways.“ “So you girls playing the part of prostitutes?” “Yup there’s a whole series of us but its not our part till a bit later.” “So one prostitute kills another prostitute that kills another and so on?” “Yep.” “So what happens to the last prostitute?” “You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!”

"Hey awesome people! My name is Chris and I am the founder of Humans of K Road. After beginning this great project (inspired by Brandon Stanton) I have realized there can be a lot of power in portrait especially photos of people accompanied with their thoughts. So whilst HOKRD captures the unique diversity of people that only KRd can offer..." Go to link to read the rest of the story

“I studied Philosophy. I like talking about voids and nothingness and meaninglessness and that sort of thing.”

Spotted at the end of the rainbow!

"Give that woman this rose I've been handed. Say its from you."

"I'll tell you something my Granddad told me, he said: Love is not about sex, love is about experiences shared so if you love a woman and you want her to love you back, be sure take her on a little adventure every single day."

"We are heading to a Computer-games Vs. Board-games, uni party"

These guys were sitting next to each other with cups for collecting money and as I walked up, one of them stood up and energetically but friendly, approached me asking for some coins. He seemed like he had a good attitude so I happily gave him my coffee change and kept walking. As I past his mate we had a laugh as i said to him that his friend just hustled him out of any coins comming his way. As I was walking of, I heard his mate say something and turned around to see this...

“Jumped in the car with the boys to find our way to the wholesalers and get some more piss. Next thing you know a whole lot of hot chicks walking past, vooRRRR vooRRR cHHHH! Nek minut.. Boom strait into a fuckn tree. One of the mates that was driving is still critical. Cant get out of bed. Smacked his head on the steering wheel. The other passenger is alright he had his seat belt on, he was on to it.”

"I love music." "What do you love most about it?" “Dancing!” “Do you ever get hit up about looking like Lorde?” “No never *sarcastic reply*." “What’s it like looking similar to someone that famous?” “I like Lorde. I think usually she looks angry tho so i hope i don’t look that angry in life..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

“I have a pretty trippy job; I work at a bio engineering institute. We make implantable chips for medical experiments and stuff - like mice and rats and stuff, like physiological experiments. It’s telemetry so it’s all wireless. The battery itself is charged wirelessly so it can stay in the animal for life...” Please click link to read rest of the story.

“What’s your favourite thing about her?” “Her laugh, it’s evil and mischievous.” “What’s your favourite thing about him?” “Probably his humour...” Please click link to read rest of the story.

“Can someone in your group please explain your slogan?” “We were riding in jeans, t-shirts or whatever. Someone yelled it out at us. They obviously kinda liked the idea we were not going for a sporty ride, just riding for fun so they yelled out.." Please click link to read rest of the story.

Bumping into this guy again on K Rd and the fact he was still in the country made my day!! Last time I took his photo and featured him on here, things were not going so well for him. I have included what he said last time... Please click link to read rest of the story.

Happy Valentines Day

"Every Sunday we do a big walk from YMCA to wherever we want and back. Today we have been to Cornwall Park, 15 kilometers so far."

“We have been together for five months. We meet in Thailand and again in India.” “He followed me to New Zealand.” “Haha cool! Whats your favorite thing about New Zealand?” “Nature, landscape.” “Farmers.” “Farmers?” "Everyone outside of Auckland are farmers.”

When asked about life goals, the replies I got were... "Be a good person." "Be happy."

"I’m from Germany. When i was younger I traveled around Europe. I said I wanted to travel the world when I’m 50. Its my 50th in February and I've just arrived from Australia. I'm spending the next few weeks traveling New Zealand. It's much greener here."

"When their mum and I split up, I got my own house. We didn't take everything out of the old house; just kind of started again. Got the kids involved, they chose their own beds and stuff."

"Care to share some wisdom with the world?" "Be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves... And if you look through this bin once a week, sometimes you find some cool electronic shit people have chucked out."

"I've been bouncing since I was nineteen and on K Road for over ten. The thing I like about it is the vibrancy. Its real. Every type of person is on K Road. From the Streeties that live here, to the Transsexuals, to the Gays, to the Druggies and the Perverted. Every day there’s a new movie going on somewhere so I stand here and watch it."

"Im just going to hook up with John Key round the back of the toilet." "Haha. I'm doing a blog called Humans of K Road do you mind if i use your photo?" "Well I am K Road, so you better put me on the front cover of your blog, luv. Behave."

“You ever got one?” “Hell yea i got a whole rubbish bag of them at home. This machines pretty good, that’s why there is not many left. You wanna go for the small bit on the body because the claw hooks over them, not the big heads. Sometimes if you’re tricky you can swing the claw to get the ones on the edge." "Do you reckon it’s just more the fun of capturing them then actually having them?" "O yea pretty much once..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

"I left school when I was 16 and went to uni to study philosophy and politics." "What are you going to do with that degree?" "God knows."

“My Dad is a tough man so he was like, ‘If you want to leave Brazil you gotta do it yourself’. We came here on a working holiday. I got here no English, with my partner. 500 American between us. I was in my teens and bored in brazil and then I got pregnant. My daddy was very catholic and was like well... Please click link to read rest of the story.

"Can you share with me one of the scariest times in your life?" "One of the scariest experiences that I have had was when I was in maximum security prison at Paremoremo. I got shipped there when I turned 20. ‘Pare’ was the place you go when you get kicked out of other prisons in New Zealand..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

When asked about life goals, the replies I got were... "Be a good person." "Be happy."

I left Somalia as a refugee citizen. It's not good over there man It's like a warzone where I come from. I knew I would get a passport here because of the U.N. Whatever happens now they can't send me back, I am a citizen here now just like you.

"I recently saved someone from jumping off a bridge. He was really down on his luck basically. All I said to him was.. Don't do it man, you might not be happy, but its nothing a bit of beer and weed cant fix. He jumped back over the barrier after awhile and then the cops came to question him. I felt really bad for him u know, no one deserves to go out like that just because they've had a bad day."

“Why did you leave Nigeria?” “Everybody leaves Nigeria!”

"My mum swapped a bottle of wine with someone for this bike."

"I’m from tonga." "What was the craziest thing that happened over there?" "Shark bit my brother."

I’m from mexico. I came here for vet school. The first time at the animal shelter a 100 kittens came running at me. I was pretty happy.

"My brother and I had been doing judo for the best part of 21 years together. For the last two years our focus was on our dream of competing at the Commonwealth Games this year in Glasgow. Five months ago, I lost him to suicide whilst we were both on a qualification tour in Europe..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

“There’s a possibility that psychedelics created religion. There are actually a lot of detailed theories about it. Hallucinogenic’s alter the way you think a little bit, I believe it makes you a nicer person. These days humans are pretty detached from nature. It’s not natural.”

“We just skated all the way from Titirangi. I have holes in my shoes from too much foot braking, so probably have to stop at the warehouse to get some more shoes for the skate home.” “We have a backpack full of Tom-collins fueling us.”

"What are you boys upto tonight?" "Mischief."

“We met through my Ex Fiancé. Id been with my Ex for 4 years but now were like best friends, its cool.” “Fiancé ay, how did the proposal go down?” “He proposed to me. In this carved out hollow tree, it was quite cute. "So how long have the two of you been together?" “O we’re not together.” “He’s to high maintenance.” “I still wear my engagement ring.”

"What are the struggles of parenting?" "Well here we are, 2014, we have been imprisoned by Neoliberalism since the late 80's. Our generation is the first generation that has been crippled by debt, we've got environment issues, social issues and political issues and ahh... raising a child...freaks me out. Because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future." "One of the positive things about having your son in your life..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

“For 15 years, before I came here, I was a electronics engineer at the air-force in Kuwait. I loved my Job but in the end I had to leave because I couldn't deal with the fact we were building air-crafts that were then flying out of there and used to kill people.”

"We both worked at the same cinema. Everyone gave us shit for beating around the bush because we just hung out for like a whole year first before we become girlfriend, boyfriend." "Care to share your favorite thing about each other?" "Yup, her hilarious laugh, she has a grand variety of laughs!" "His crazy facials.. wait no, his ability to climb trees, hes an agile muthafuka." "O mean!" "Yea that sealed the deal.. he was climbing trees at the park and I was like that was it."

"I've had 5 or 6 driving convictions, next one and I am in jail." "So that explains the bike then..." "Yup."

“If you could give some advice to the rest of the world, what would it be?” “Umm. Be good to yourself.” “When in your life have you personally not been good to yourself?” “Oh, there’s been lots of times.”

“Having left a Wanganui Backpackers at 7 in the morning, to make an early start hitching to Auckland, I realised I’d left my hitch-hiking signs inside, so dropping my bag with my red and yellow army boots I run back upstairs to grab it. In the two minutes between me coming and going, my bag had fallen into the hands of an early morning opportunist..." Please click link to read rest of the story.

“If I was the Prime Minister, I would put a different fruit tree on all streets for everyone to feed. Everybody on the street would have to look after their tree."

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