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Creativity can certainly be an acquired trait. A mindstate that can be trained overtime to see the potential all but few objects to be turned into a creative design.
Being a Tradesman adds another degree to this mix as we are exposed to a lot of wasted materials daily. This can be seen as a creative goldmine, coming across perfect materials for creative projects and solutions all the time, enhancing the serendipitous effect.
Aspiring to motivate others to reimagine waste, not as junk but as useful pieces of everyday life, 
in some case adding the element of art to an already beautiful material

Cable Table Furniture

Supported by Crisp Designs, Cable Table, is the love project of creative entrepreneur and electrician Chris Pemberton and spatial designer Zammia Weatherall. 


Their realization of how much waste is produced through their professions highlighted the importance of recycling and in this case up-cycling, producing sustainable goods, where art meets electrical. 


Chris and Zammia aspire to motivate others to reimagine waste, not as junk but as useful pieces of everyday life, creating attractive pieces of artwork from cable wheels scrapped from worksites.



Upcycling genius

Everyone is an upcyling genius, it is a learned state of mind. Here we have a collection of Upcyling genius’s to share with you the hows and whys and showcase their creations. Hopefully inspiring you to create an upcycling mindframe of your own and become your own up-cycling genius!



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