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December 1st .2018




New Orleans


1st December. 2018


Creative Mirror provides outlines of an object, split in half on two separate canvases. The current object is a Flag. 


The chosen artist will need to have an immediate family member happy to complete one of the halves. But there is an interesting catch.


The experiment


To maximise creativity, the two candidates are briefed that the object is from a parallel universe where anything is possible.


They are not allowed to view the other half until it is completed by their family member and vice-versa. Then for the magical moment they both line up.


To create an exhibition like nothing ever seen before. To captivate members of the public and the art community alike, engaging them on visual and thoughtprovoking levels.


The contrast between pairs will be a key component of the art and research.

We will question participants on what they think and how they feel about creativity. Then use the answers for research and to enhance the exhibition.

We hope to use the research along with our expertise, to motivate and educate others on how to embrace their creativity (not limited to art). We hope to inspire people to unlock the door to a world of their own creativity.

ARE YOU AN ARTIST? Do you like to draw/paint?

If yes then awesome! Glad you made it to this point in CREATIVE MIRROR!

We only have two requirements before you proceed with the application

  • You are happy to answer our research questions around creativity

  • You have a mother, father, daughter, son, sister or brother that will be keen on being included in this art experiment

This is a great opportunity for you and your chosen family member to come together through art. The end results are magical, regardless of skill involved

Amber Moore

The experience has made me feel a part of something special and helped me bond with my mother and show her why I love to paint.

Britt Merrylees

Rae who has little creative experience, took on the challenge with might delight. She used her mathematical brain and worked with geometric shapes.

Christine Robertson

When asked by my daughter to Create the other side of the Creative Mirror painting, I found the concept very intriguing, interesting and challenging The idea of 2 members of the same family attempting to create their own personal version of the same Art work yet mirrored brings out a different type of creativity.

Erin Jago

This is the first time I’ve participate in such a unique exhibition experience. Having to incorporate a couch into the artwork challenged me as I am generally more comfortable with abstract forms. In the end, I really enjoyed pushing myself to make it work and am happy with the results.

Meet The Team


Chris Pemberton


Chris Pemberton is an electrician by trade, but as soon as he came to the realisation that you are not living unless you are creating, he started to follow what intrinsically drove him. He is now a TEDx Speaker, Creative Coach, Artist, Photographer and Author and gets great pleasure in encouraging others to be more creative with their lives as he knows how life-changing creative practices can be. From here Creative Mirror was spawned.


Bri Basco


Bri Basco to say the least is a talented musician, artist, photographer and silks performer.

Her current degree is in Art and Psychology at LSU and lined up next is a graduate degree in art therapy.


She is passionate about helping others discover themselves through art. Her projects and creative works are recognized globally.


To keep up with Bri Basco, check out her blog at


Grey A Cross

 Art Director - New Orleans

Grey Cross has a wide range of artistic expertise including, Experimental Art, Climate Art, Digital Art, Assimilation Art, Sculpture, Body Painting and Photography.


He is dedicated to exploring all aspects of experimental art and photography, creating new and innovative techniques which other artists can use to strengthen their own work. He shares these on his website, also putting an emphasis on teaching artists to utilize today's social networks to further their own art and reputations.



If you have any more questions about this just flick us a message

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