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C R E A T I V E   M I R R O R


Creative Mirror is providing outlines of an array of randomly generated objects, split in half on two separate canvases.


The chosen artist will need to have an immediate family member happy to complete one of the halves.


But there is an interesting catch.

The experiment:

To maximise creativity, the two candidates are briefed that the object is from a parallel universe where anything is possible. They are not allowed to view the other half until it is completed by their family member and vice-versa. Then for the magical moment they both line up!




To create an exhibition like nothing ever seen before. To captivate members of the public and the art community alike, engaging them on visual and thought provoking levels.


The contrast between pairs will be a key component of the art and research.

We will question participants on what they think and how they feel about creativity. Then use the answers for research and to enhance the exhibition.

We hope to use the research along with our expertise, to motivate and educate others on how to embrace their creativity (not limited to art). We hope to inspire people to unlock the door to a world of their own creativity.



Chris Pemberton is an electrician by trade who specializes in the incorporation of electricity within the arts. As soon as he came to the realization that you are not living unless you are creating, he started to follow what intrinsically drove him... creating things! Beginning with photography and some creative ideas, he grew a blog of over 20,000 followers within his first year of buying a camera. Simultaneously, he began to up-cycle materials from work sites and use them to create art. One year later, he was hosting established exhibitions and being funded by the city council to use some of his larger pieces in Auckland's central city square. Chris is currently working on a book to inspire and motivate others to unlock their full creative potential.  'The Creative Soul - Improve life Creatively' a book by Chris Pemberton is due to be launched this year.





Co Founder:

Bri Basco to say the least is a talented musician, artist, photographer and silks performer. Her current degree is in Art and Psychology at LSU and lined up next is a graduate degree in art therapy. She is passionate about helping others discover themselves through art. Her projects and creative works are recognized globally. To keep up with Bri Basco, check out her blog at

Email: for more info or just ask to jump on the newsletter list.

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