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C R E A T I V E   M I R R O R

If you received this link, it means you (and your art) are awesome. You have passed all requirements including having an immediate family member keen to get involved with you.
If you stumbled across this page and are not sure if you qualify, please check with Chris first - or +61414397129 

Now the next step is how to get started with the experiment. 

Over the last couple years, founder of creative Mirror Chris Pemberton has been sending care packages all over the world with random objects to get people started. Now how ever, we have decided to stick with one object to keep things interesting. Seeing diverse results from many people doing one object is an exciting dynamic that will be really interesting to explore. Sooo we have found some couches from a Parallel Universe that will be a good fit and we have enclosed a way for you to get started without us sending you anything. Please keep in mind that submissions close the first week of November. 

1st up here is your Material list:


  • If you need to send half a drawn object to a family member in the post, here is a good way to do it: mailing-tube-90-x-850mm



Pick which couch you would like to replicate from the slider below. Then click to download or grab the image from this online folder link.


We are super excited to see what you come up with, remember this is not a skill contest. Before you get started on your half imagine that your couch is in a parallel universe where anything is possible. Let this concept encourage your creative juices. We want you to really enjoy the process, just jam out any creative ideas that come to mind and see where they go! We have had a few artists say that their family member is worried as they are 'no good at art' or 'not creative' the verdict is always interesting when the two family members line up.  And they ALWAYS report having fun in the end. Please send your family member the text in this box in an email with the image below copy pasted. Then post or give them their half! FYI Stationary shops and post offices like selling postal tubes. 


Below is the experiment guidelines:


Drawing the couch:


You’ll need 3 pieces of paper.

There are a few ways to do this. If you can print it off proportionally big enough then you can use the print to trace.
 Alternatively just trace it straight from a screen.


Go over the pencil mark with a dark marker, then tape or hold up to a flat light source like a window and apply the marker to another side of the paper so it is on both sides. 


Take a piece of paper and tape or hold it to the computer screen.

Use a pencil to lightly trace the outline, just lightly for now because we don't want to damage your screen.


Zoom in on Image or print image


Now use a fresh piece of paper and figure out if you want your couch higher or lower on the page or landscape or portrait. Then trace over with a pencil.

Please note the image shows a pen but do as we say not as we do and use a light pencil. This is because your final pieces may require the pencil to be rubbed out entirely or painted over.  


Now flip your template over and trace the mirror image on another fresh piece of paper.


The most important thing here is that the two pieces of paper line up and the intersecting parts of the object line up ***very important*** !!!


If you have any more questions about this call Chris Pemberton +61414397129 he will happily answer questions. 


Download and print the below file 

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