C R E A T I V E   M I R R O R

If you received this link, it means you (and your art) are awesome. You have passed all requirements including having an immediate family member keen to get involved with you.
If you stumbled across this page and are not sure if you qualify, please check with Us first - creativemirror@crispcreative.club

Now the next step. How to get started with the experiment: 

Over the last couple years, founder of creative mirror Chris Pemberton has been sending care packages all over the world with random objects to get people started. Now however, we have decided to stick with one object to keep things interesting. Seeing diverse results from many peoples interpretation of one object is an exciting dynamic that has proved really interesting to explore. Last year was couches, and for the final show in America, you will be presenting you with a flag.



We have provided two options to make it as easy as possible to get you and your family member started. 


Our prefered size is ROUGHLY 2 x A3 papers (USA equivalent of roughly ledger size 432 x 279). 


Option 1 (the easiest):


Link: INVISIBLE flag


In this link, we have provided you with two mirror images of the flag. These are really transparent images that you have to basically squint to look at. The idea is you can print these and then use the outline to make sure you get the intersecting lines perfectly matching up. In order to do this you will need to 'fit to page' when printing and then trim the edge off the top and side so that the lines meet the edge of the paper with no white space. Then you will be going over the almost invisible outline with your art anyway.


In this option, you can print your family members also or pay a nearby printing company to print and in the case of your family member being far away, you can get a print sent to them (hopefully direct from the shop online to save you the hassle. As mentioned we would prefer A3 so if you could outsource the printing to somewhere with a big printer this would be great. 




Option 2 (if you don't have access to a big printer):


Link: BOLD flag

In this link, We have a darker line so you can trace it right off your Computer screen. Blow the image up so you can trace bits of it in proportion to achieve A3 size. Use this as a template and flip your traced image and use a window or light box to get two mirror image drawings.  




It 's crucial that the two pieces of the paper line up and the intersecting parts of the object line up.


If you have any more questions about this just flick us a message


We are super excited to see what you come up with, remember this is not a skill contest. Before you get started on your flag remember that it is in a parallel universe where anything is possible. Let this concept encourage your creative juices. We want you to really enjoy the process, just jam out any creative ideas that come to mind and see where they go! We have had a few artists say that their family member is worried as they are 'no good at art' or 'not creative' the verdict is always interesting when the two family members line up.  And they ALWAYS report having fun in the end. Please send your family member the text in this box in an email with the image below copy-pasted. Then post or give them their half! FYI Stationary shops and post offices like selling postal tubes. 


Below is the experiment guidelines:


Email: creativemirror@crispcreative.club for more info or just ask to jump on the newsletter list.