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Big sets on commision basis. 

All designs you see In the CABLEtable section can made and sold as wall art or coffe tables, $299-$499


Please email interest to



our fun time table, she is one of our first creations and has had a lot of attention! The argument of who gets to keep her has finally been settled with the decision to put her up for sale.

An internal 5m plug in lead that can be dropped out the bottam to plug the table in, operated by a fully waterproof IP56 rated internal switch Candy has cool white LED lights routed into the underside of the table lighting up the bottam white level of the table and surrounding area. For feet candy has 3 industrial grade wheels with locks on them to roll around and put in place wherever the day takes it. Ideal for any situations in the home from large coffe or magazine table as an atractive fun adition to the lounge or sunroom. Or perhaps a TV platform with entire setup including consoles on wheels!

Commercially it hold a lot of value in that on top of being a atractive functional piece of work It the LED's can be used to highlight things put on display!




This piece is made using one face of an up-cycled cable drum. The face, serving as the canvas, has been designed representing our response to the furniture trends, we explored in Ponsonby home stores. This design is a part of our core collection and is available as a piece to be hung, or as the top of one of our coffee tables (made to order).


Beer Light box.

Perfect to add style to any home or office!


I am a Qualified electrician so all lighting products come with a profesional install at a small added cost to be negotiated depending where it is going.

Beer Crate LED hanging lightbox.

Operates from a remote control that has many different colors and modes including strobe and fade red blue and white among other colors.

I am a Qualified electrician so all lighting products come with a profesional install at a small added cost to be negotiated depending where it is going.

CABLEtable Solar set


A collaborative design orchestrated by Crisp Creative.

Seats are individually painted by 3 extremly talented artist, write up of which are included in the CABLEtable section of this site. 

After completing the seats the artists collaborated together to create a beautifull tabletop celebrating the the imperfections of upcycled timber alongside the solar panels, integrated as part of the sexy design. The seats double as small tables also!

The two solar panels on the table top, power RGB LEDs operated by remote, changeble to any color desired including other exciting functions such as smooth fade mode. Also a USB charging port to provide cellphone juice! FREE ENERGY!!!


After the CABLEtable was completed in November, it was showcased at Q theatres bar and foyer in the Queen street window. Then at the start of december it was the main attraction in Q Theatres first ever art gallery which was a great success. After that the council snapped it up renting it to set up in Aotea Square for the festive season where it was also a all round great hit.  Although now there has been numrous requests to include the table in upcoming exhibitions in 2015 Crisp Creative has decided to sell it to a worthy customer /orginistion. Not only that but proceeds from the sale will be directed to Sustainable Coastlines to help in the building of their new Education Centre



Please send interest to

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