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Cable Table 

Solar table

A collaborative design orchestrated by Crisp Creative.


Seats are individually painted by 3 extremely talented artists, descriptions and seat photos below. Seats can also be used as coffe tables!

After completing the seats the artists collaborated together to create a beautiful tabletop celebrating the imperfections of up-cycled timber alongside the solar panels, integrated as part of the sexy design.

The two panels charge a battery which stores energy and in turn powers RGB LEDs which are operated by remote and changeable to any colour desired, including other exciting functions such as smooth fade mode. Also a USB charging port to give people that critical juice whilst sitting down for lunch, dinner or a drink! FREE ENERGY!!!


CABLEtable was completed in November then went straight to Q theatre to be used in there bar/foyer and featured in their the Queen Street window. At the start of December it was the main attraction in Q Theatres first ever art gallery which was a great success. Following this the council snapped it up and used it in Aotea Square for the festive season.  


For futher inquires please contact

Multiple award winning Raewyn Turner, an interdisciplinary artist, working with cross-sensory perception. Her inspiration behind the artwork on this seat, was inspired by her observation asymmetrical patterns in the raw Cable Table.

Raewyn Turner 

Zammia Weatherall, a well known street artist. She enjoys working with a broad range of media and has recently been working on a sound installation, exploring notion of weaving sound into an environment. The act of repetitive movement and the craft of weaving inspired her painting on this seat.

Zammia Weatherall

Sallie, owning various art gallerys throughout NZ, has been painting all her life and chooses to express feelings of love and vibrance through her creative work. She now calls Turkey her second home, finding inspiration and incorporating this with beautiful colours, flowers and abstract work.

Sallie Clough

 "Roses through the centuries have always represented love people they vary in colour shade and form but a rose is always a rose in the eye of a lover and it has no boundaries"

-Sallie Clough.

Sustainable Coastlines Starfish Table


The team at Cable table have been working in collaboration with The Pallet Kingdom to create an up-cycled, functional work of art. The seats are made from Pallet wood and the table an ex cable drum from the worksite. LED's routed into the underside really make the starfish legs 'POP' 


This fun, child friendly Cable Table is set to find its new home at Sustainable Coastlines new education centre and Headquarters in Wynyard Quarter. The new centre will also be made from repurposed materials. 


The Pallet Kingdom is a start-up social enterprise that is focused in up cycling pallets from going into landfill. The pieces of this collection have been created by young Aidan, our fabulous team member who is designing absolutely practical and sturdy pieces in a very creative way.

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