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"We are not living unless we are creating."


Chris Pemberton

A judo Black belt and qualified electrician, Chris Pemberton appreciates that hard work and determination is required to pull off projects and has been doing so ever since he realised you are not living unless you are creating. Using his skills as a tradie, his niche is art meets electrical. his favourite type of art is creations from upcycled construction or other waste.Recently Moving to Sydney to get amongst its strong creative scene, Chris has a Studio in St Peters called the 'Creative club' And regularly opens its doors to the public and friends, Passing on his practical knowledge in various techniques to help existing artists and also encourage new people into the scene. he believes in collaboaration and synergy to produce epic results.

One magical Sunday a month, a bunch of skilled artists and rookies meet up, collaborate and share new things to add to your serendipitous minds arsenal. 


Chris Pemberton opens his art studio in St Peters, Sydney to accommodate such a group of people, organising a different art teacher every time to share something new.


These Sundays usually consist of people throwing paint around and having fun while learning and experimenting.


B.Y.O, Contact Chris to find out whats going on and when

Creative Mirror_logo with no gears backg

Creative Mirror is providing outlines of an array of randomly generated objects, split in half on two separate canvases.


The chosen artist will need to have an immediate family member happy to complete one of the halves.


But there is an interesting catch....


Empower yourself to think outside the box and dare to create.

By tapping into your potential as a human being and understanding the values and passions that are intrinsic to you as an individual, means you are honouring the infinite potential that resides within you and within us all. If we can tap into this infinite realm, we also have the potential to access the keys and ideas we need to grow the world, including ourselves, in an exciting direction. 

You are fully living when you are creating and we are all capable of incredible creativity. The Author Chris Pemberton doesn't just show you how to maximize your creativity but teaches you how to unleash your full potential, finding a balance between the artistic and logical sides of the brain. 
Quantum Physics meets spirituality to work as one in the same as we dive inwardly. Chris shares with you a creative meditation technique and how Ayahuasca helped him discover it.

Create a path in life that excites you and impact the world with this invaluable guide to cultivate a creative flow whilst mastering self-doubt and procrastination. Get empowered to think outside the box and dare to create. 

Chris has made this book as short and simple as possible so that everytime you feel like you are losing focus or on the wrong life trajectory, you can check back in with its chapters to refresh on the fundamentals of living your dreams. 

Contact Me  |  Tel: +61414397129

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